The EU policy in horticulture has switched its aim from price support to integration of farmers' income. Regulation 2200/96 established the new European Market Regulation (CMO) in horticulture. On this base the producers' organizations (PO) are no longer a political institution but a real economic organization with the objectives of planning and concentrating the production. At the same time, the UE has promulgated another plan (Decision n.2796 of 10/10/96 applying the objectives of the Reg. 2081/93), which is specific for Italian regions in "Objective 1" namely with low average income. This issue establishes the commercial macro organizations with the target of concentrating the supply of the producers' organizations in order to achieve countervailing power and economies of scale in services and trade. These new issues come out within a general framework of international agreements promoting cooperation and free trade areas (Mediterranean, Magreb, PECO,...). The impact on the European horticultural system will be tremendous in terms of production assessment and food chain organization and management.


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