Based on the development status and development characteristics of the "left-behind" children, we analyze the current situation of the "left-behind" children's values education in China. After studying the training methods and mode of young people's values in the US and Europe, we reflect on the "left-behind" children's values education in China, and point out the following deficiencies in the "left-behind" children's values education in China: the traditional Chinese culture is at the ebb, and socialist core values have not received close attention, being developed sluggishly; the educational content is stale and the method is single; the rise of science education leads to the decline of humanities education, hindering comprehensive human development. We draw the following precious experience from the values education in the UK and the US for the "left-behind" children's values education in China: laying great emphasis on humanities education, to promote comprehensive human development; seeking and reshaping the mainstream values under plural values; giving full play to the social forces, to promote the development of the "left-behind" children's values education.


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