The effectiveness with which the price-making process functions is of major significance in the marketing of farm products. As developments cause changes in location of trading, number and kinds of buyers and sellers, or other attributes of market structure, their importance to the economy calls for careful analysis to learn what effects they may have on prices and on the process of price determination. In several commodity markets in recent years questions have arisen concerning the adequacy and rapidity with which supply and demand changes were reflected in prevailing prices in those markets. This paper reports part of a study undertaken to learn how prices for eggs are made in a particular market, and the ways by which the pricing process is influenced by such changes as the declining importance of central markets as pricing centers. It examines the pricing of eggs in New York City, together with the significance of New York City prices in interior and other markets. It then attempts to suggest ways by which observed pricing difficulties or shortcomings may be moderated or overcome.


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