This study was carried out in a food company in Delicias, Chihuahua, which founded in 1975 and offers many different varieties of tortas and hamburgers accompany with carrots and tanning chili peppers prepared by them. The sales have been increasing in the last five years, therefore the owners are worried to diminish its competitiveness and they began a process to be more competitive and change its status to a formal company. The purpose of this study was to conduct a marketing research and a strategic planning to obtain information to setting objectives and competitive strategies. The market segments that attend this small business are: familiar consumers, student and workers who qualified its quality and taste as good. The strengths most important were home service, fresh materials and unique recipe. The opportunities were price of suppliers, high prices of American franchises, consumer's loyalty, increasing demand of food out of home and a strategic location. The EFI matrix was 3.51 which indicated that its strengths were highly above of the industry while the EFE matrix was 2.97 lightly above of the industry and indicated that its strategies to get the opportunities has to be improved. As a conclusion this small business has to improve its management and marketing activities to get the opportunities of its market.


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