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This study takes Lin'an City which early carries out the experiment of ecological operation of hickory as the study site. On the basis of the input-output data on hickory and farmers' land, we analyze the input-output status of hickory land which practises ecological operation, the operators' willingness to accept ecological operation and the influencing factors. The results show that in the short term, ecological operation of hickory will have a certain negative impact on the economic benefits; within the experimental area, the degree of operators' willingness to accept ecological operation of hickory is high, and the operators have a clear understanding of long-term comprehensive benefits which may be brought by ecological operation; the ecological experiment and demonstration of hickory have achieved certain results; family income level, characteristics of householders, education and training, and so on, are the main factors that affect the operators' willingness to choose ecological operation. Finally, for how to further improve the promotion efficiency of ecological operation of hickory, we put forth some constructive recommendations.


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