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The environment represents our surrounding from which numerous capacities essential for normal functioning of living things are derived. Main, long-term goal of agribusiness is to ensure sufficiently stabile production of quality food, and at the same time to preserve essential natural resources, protect the environment and improve the life of individuals and of the broad community. For this purpose numerous measures are implemented which sometimes create new problems facing the human population in increasingly severe form and which, in addition to the expected positive impacts, also have numerous, long-term negative impacts on agro-eco systems. Today, the society is faced with increasingly complex environmental/ ecological problems which occur as the result of inadequate use of agro and zoo technical measures in agricultural production, as well as the result of their actions contrary to the „code of good agricultural practice“. The vulnerability ranges from the mildest forms within the limits of tolerance, to the worst forms expressed to greater extent, where the consequences are manifested in form of ecological/environmental offenses. Wide range of forms of environmental crime endangers the environment with the negative impact on human life and health. This form of crime, compared to other forms, is far more dangerous since it can destroy the national economy, lead to spreading of different diseases and extinction of rare species of flora and fauna.


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