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The aim of study was to compare the economic characteristics of production of porkers Mangalitsa and Yorkshire race. The observed productions should provide the raw material for the production of traditional fermented sausages, or specific products with protected origin. According to this a calculation is derived with the total cost of fattening pigs Mangalitsa and Yorkshire race to the slaughter weight of 132 pounds under the conditions of modern farm housing system. The above calculation includes the cost of materials, the cost of energy and external services, salary costs and amortization of facilities and equipment used. In this way we can get to the total costs of finishing of pigs produced per kilogram of live weight without the overhead costs. The costs are calculated as described above for Yorkshire race and it is 120.88 RSD/kg or 1.26 €/ kg and it is lower than the current purchase price in the market. On the other hand the costs of finishing Mangalitsa race are significantly higher than the purchase price of pigs bred races and it is 245.19 RSD/kg or 2.13 €/kg, which is caused by a slow weight gain and inefficient feed conversion compared to the refined race.


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