In line with current situations of extension of Xinjiang’s agricultural products, the paper put forward and analyzed existing problems in extension works of agricultural product identification. The problems mainly include: (i) general identification of agricultural products is basically blank and both producers and consumers lack awareness of identification; (ii) creating (famous) brand is a weak point of agriculture in Xinjiang; (iii) certification of non-hazard, green and organic agricultural products lags behind; (iv) it neglects problem of agricultural product packaging. On the basis of these problems, we present our recommendations: (i) government provides financial subsidy to actively guide certification of agricultural products; (ii) it should increase financial fund input in brand construction and support (famous) brand construction of agricultural products; (iii) it should provide subsidy for those enterprises creating famous brand, to encourage agricultural producing and processing enterprises to strive for famous brands; (vi) it should stress agricultural product packaging from the source and provide subsidy for agricultural producers who have affixed the identification; (v) it should gradually promote agricultural product identification, to constantly improve the farmers’ awareness of agricultural product identification.


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