First Annual Conference on Agricultural Policy and the Environment; Proceedings of a Conference Sponsored by University of Minnesota, Center for International Food and Agricultural Policy; Agricultural Development Regional Agency (ESAV); University of Padova, Motta di Livenza, Italy, June 19-23, 1989, Volume III Table of Contents: Development of Land Prices in Italy, by Maurizio Grillenzoni Land Prices and Farm Incomes in Emilia-Romagna, by Guido M. Bazzani and Maurizio Grillenzoni Farmland Mobility and Values by Types of Land Use: A Case Study in a Province of Emilia-Romagna, by Aldo Bertazzoli and Maurizio Grillenzoni Farm Land Mobility and Values in Lazio, by F. Mari and Lorenzo Venzi An Analysis of the Land Market in the Veneto Region: Factors Affecting Agricultural Land Prices, by Maurizio Merlo and Paolo Rosato


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