Using the data on the maximum wind speed within ten minutes every month in the period 1971-2009 in Zhucheng City of Shandong Province, we conduct statistical analysis of the maximum wind speed in Zhucheng City. The results show that over thirty-nine years, the annual maximum wind speed in four seasons in Zhucheng City tends to decline. The annual maximum wind speed declines at the rate of 1.45 m/s every 10 years. It falls fastest in winter, with decline rate of 1.73 m /s every 10 years; it is close to the average annual maximum wind speed in spring and autumn, with decline rate of 1.44 m/s and 14.8 m/s every 10 years, respectively; it falls slowest in summer, and the extreme value of the maximum wind speed occurs mainly in spring. The curve of changes in the monthly maximum wind speed in Zhucheng City assumes diminishing shape of "two peaks and one trough". We conduct preliminary analysis of the windy weather situation, and put forth specific defensive measures against the hazards of strong winds in the different periods.


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