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This investigation describe the socio-productive an economical behaviour of the borrowers of the Instituto de Desarrollo Agropecuario (INDAP) of the Province of Valdivia, de Los Ríos region, and it consider the INDAP financial risk classification. The relevance of the results of this study is that the knowledge of the relationship(s) among the variables associated to the farmer and credit categories will allow to create an individual profile. To create the borrowers profile, qualitative and quantitative information was collected through a survey applied to a representative sample of 83 producers belonging to different risk categories and distributed in three communities, Valdivia, Máfil and Corral. To characterize the sample, different statistical procedures were used, such as: descriptive statistics, Chi-Squared test, multivariable analysis using the methods of factorial analysis with the principal components and analysis of clusters, and a multiple lineal regression. The main results show that the different risk categories do not have any relationship with the studied variables. Due to the previous result, a general description of the borrowers was developed, which include the main variables that characterize the farmers of the financial system of INDAP, through the determination of four main components and four conglomerated or clusters. Finally, a model with two variables was estimated to explain the net income with respect to economic profitability and family income.


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