Based on the household survey data concerning herdsmen's families in Xianghuang Banner, Xilin Gol League, Inner Mongolia, we analyze the income and consumption structure of herdsmen's families in the western regions during the period 2008-2009. The results show that the herdsman's source of income is single, mainly focusing on livestock sale, with poor ability to resist risks; the share of purchase expenses of forage in the consumer spending is the greatest, growing rapidly, followed by spending on food, education and health care; there are many policy subsidies for housing. The characteristics of herdsman's income and consumption are jointly determined by natural factors, market factors, policy factors and personal factors. Based on this, corresponding recommendations are put forth in order to increase herdsman's income and improve the consumption structure: the herdsman should strengthen breeding techniques to improve scientific breeding and increase income, change consumer attitudes, save moderately, and strengthen ability to resist risks; the government should increase the policy subsidies for pastoral areas, strengthen education, training, health care for herdsman, and promote herdsman's quality.


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