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Taking the Database of Chinese Scientific and Technical Periodicals of Chongqing VIP Information Co.,Ltd. as the statistical analysis source, we analyze the inter-annual trends, the authors institutions, journals distribution, disciplines distribution, paper subjects and authors' cooperation of research papers on the project of "turning vulnerable farmland into forests" in China during the period 1999-2010, using the bibliometric method. The results show that during the period 1999-2010, the research on the project of "turning vulnerable farmland into forests" always captured the attention of academia, and the number of research papers annually averaged more than 300; the relevant forestry functional departments at all levels, forestry-related research institutions and universities have paid close attention to the project of "turning vulnerable farmland into forests" in China; the group of core journals researched is concentrated in journals concerning forestry; in addition to forestry and agriculture, the research areas also touch upon economics, environment and other disciplines; the emphasis and hot spot of research are centered on applications, with few basic researches.


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