From two aspects, namely the sensitivity of regional economic system to internal and external interference, and its resilience, we establish the evaluation indicator system of fragility of the economic system in Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Zone, and evaluate the internal differences in fragility of the regional economic system, using set pair analysis method. The results show that there is a great difference in fragility of the economic system between different administrative units; the difference in resilience is the major factor responsible for difference in fragility of the economic system in various cities and counties within the region; according to the difference in fragility characteristics, we conduct classification as follows: Nanchang City is a low-sensitivity and high-resilience type; Jiujiang City is a high-sensitivity and high-resilience type; Jiujiang County, Xingzi County, Yongxiu County, Hukou County, Duchang County, Ruichang County, De'an Xian, Wuning County, Pengze County, Leping City, Dongxiang County, Fengcheng City and Gao'an City are a high-sensitivity and low-resilience type; other cities and counties are a low-sensitivity and low-resilience type.


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