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This paper demonstrates a robust approach to general manager computer use. The approach is shown to systematically integrate a diverse collection of user selected applications. It is implemented through the use of currently available shareware and public domain software at low cost. The developed prototype follows accepted psychological choice, Management Information System (MIS) and/or Decision Support System (DDS) principles. It is easily modified by a user, said to be any general management team member, as the environment changes. Team member roles, concerns, styles, and interests can be accommodated in the design or re-design. The prototype and approach is friendly to occasional users. One basic installation can serve several users. It will work on a network of computers. It offers a sense of staying in control to the individual. Complexities of application choice and access are hidden. Data transfer between applications is automated. Extension educators and business consultants can also use a similar approach for accessing a wide variety of applications. Further work will likely improve the basic approach. In the meantime, the gain from using this approach as it stands is quickly available.


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