From the microscopic point of view, taking the surplus labor transfer in the Yimatu Town area as study object, we conduct survey of characteristics and transfer of rural surplus labor in Yimatu Town, through questionnaires and field interviews. Then we analyze the main factors influencing surplus labor transfer in rural areas from the personal characteristics of labor forces and family factor of labor forces. The results show that gender, age, educational level, farmland management days and other factors pertaining to the labor forces all affect the transfer of surplus labor, but the size and extent of the impact vary. In accordance with various influencing factors, we put forward recommendations for promoting the effective transfer of surplus labor in rural areas as follows: first, paying equal attention to macroscopic factors and microscopic factors influencing the transfer of surplus labor; second, focusing on the factors concerning the rural households and individual farmers, to find out the factors influencing the rational transfer; third, shifting the employment concept of surplus labor in rural areas; fourth, speeding up the construction of small towns and developing the secondary and tertiary industries.


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