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In order to achieve characteristic, high-quality, high-efficiency, low-consumption, healthy and intensive breeding, we use the ecology method to analyze the status quo of development of characteristic breeding industry in Guangxi, from advantages in resources, industrial development, characteristic breeding, and standardized construction. There are some problems existing in the development of characteristic breeding industry in Guangxi: prominent contradiction among human, land and grain; outdated breeding mode; low comprehensive utilization rate of resources; increasingly deteriorating ecological environment. We put forth the following recommendations: based on the ecological and economic principles, introducing “reduce, reuse, recycle" idea of circular economy; striving to choose the development pattern of circular economy adapting to local resource characteristics, planting and breeding habits; in terms of realization path, paying close attention to construction of standardized breeding farm, cultivation of organic fertilizer industry, infrastructure construction, environmental law enforcement, and other parts; reinforcing the policy guidance, adjusting and optimizing industrial structure, strengthening scientific and technological innovation, and advancing industrialization management, to promote steady development of circular economy of characteristic breeding industry in Guangxi, and accelerate the process of rejuvenating province by breeding industry, enriching the people and building up Guangxi.


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