I divide the rural households into three types: the rural households unwilling to move; the floating rural households; the migratory rural households. Through questionnaire survey of the married housewives in Anhui Province and Zhejiang Province, I conduct comparative analysis of income and expenditure, change in the status of family members, the couple's housework time, the wives' will to settle in the city and attitude towards life, related to these three types of rural households. Results show that promoting wives' educational level and monthly family income will significantly make the wives in households unwilling to move, have stronger desire to make their children settle in the city; the housework time of the wives in the floating households is 3.4 times that of their husbands, the monthly income of the husbands in the floating households is significantly lower than that of the husbands in the migratory households, with heavy family burden assessed by themselves; the age of the wives in the migratory households is the smallest, and the educational level and income of them are the highest, but the monthly expenditure has not yet significantly expanded, and at the same time, the migratory households have the weakest desire to settle in the city. The recommendations concerning these three types of rural households are put forward as follows: promoting the skills of the members in the households unwilling to move, in agricultural cultivation, development of agricultural products and circulation of agricultural products; paying close attention to the floating rural households; promoting the government, enterprise, households to work together to stabilize the migratory households.


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