Based on the overview of researches on circulation channel of agricultural products, this article presents the status quo of circulation channel of Dujiangyan kiwi fruit, including the production and circulation pattern of Dujiangyan kiwi fruit. Then it analyzes the problems in the current circulation channel of Dujiangyan kiwi fruit as follows: first, the long circulation channel leads to inefficient circulation and high costs; second, the deep processing capacity is poor, and the added value of fruits is low; third, the application of cold chain logistics technology is insufficient; fourth, blocked information circulation makes the cooperative relations between the subjects in channel fragile. Finally corresponding countermeasures and recommendations are put forward as follows: shortening circulation channel and improving circulation efficiency; improving deep processing capacity, and increasing added value of fruits; strengthening the use of cold chain logistics technology and equipments; establishing rational interest distribution mechanism, and consolidating cooperation between the circulation subjects.


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