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In order to evaluate the performance of China's agricultural listed companies, we analyze the overall efficiency, pure technical efficiency and scale efficiency of China's agricultural listed companies on the basis of input-output data concerning 34 agricultural listed companies, using BCC model in data envelopment analysis (DEA) model. Then we analyze input-output redundancy situation using the slack variable derived from the model. The results show that the overall efficiency of China's agricultural listed companies is good, and the gap in efficiency between sub-industries is small; there is significant difference in performance between listed companies engaged in the same sub-industry, and the reason for invalid DEA in companies within the industry is complex; total assets and asset-liability ratio are high, and the effective output is not fully realized. Finally corresponding recommendations are put forward for promoting the performance of agricultural listed companies as follows: strengthening brand awareness; promoting the level of production technology; adjusting the input structure; transforming the agricultural growth mode.


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