Although the contribution of agricultural production to national income decreased from 58% in 1947 to 3.3% in 2001, Polish agriculture still provides employment to roughly 20% of the total of persons employed in the country. Average size of individual farms increased from 7.2 hectares in 1990 to 8 hectares in 2001. The small acreage of private holdings is prevalent in the southern provinces of the country. Worsening of the profitability of agricultural production at the beginning of 1990s (the loss of eastern markets), liquidation of state farming, increase offallow areas, and a marked fall offunds in farm investments entailed a collapse in crop production, in animal breeding (especially in cattle raising) and in agricultural production as a whole. Gross agricultural production showed in 2000 the decrease by 12.4% in comparison with its level in 1990.


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