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This paper presents estimates of the benefits of clearing landmines in two provinces in rural Cambodia using the contingent-valuation (CV) method. The data came from a survey where we asked respondents referendum-type questions that elicit their willingness to pay for landmine clearance. The survey also provides estimates of the injury risk-death risk trade-off and the implicit value of statistical injury. These estimates suggest that the value of lives and injuries saved from mine clearing is likely to be at least an order of magnitude greater than those used in existing studies of mine clearing. We show that the value of lives and injuries saved is likely to dominate benefit assessments when VSL estimates are used. Estimates previously obtained for rural Thailand are contrasted with the results for Cambodia, and the determinants of the VSL investigated using econometric techniques. While Harris (2000) found a significantly negative net present value of landmine clearance in Cambodia we show that when using VSL estimates the net present value is less negative, and the value of lives and injuries saved dominates the benefits


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