Decentral renewable energy supply requires a higher number of plants and affected residents since centuries. Despite many advantages, like e.g. reduction of greenhouse gases due to use of renewable energies, residents are confronted with various emissions due to such plants. However, the turnaround to regenerative energy supply can only be realized if citizens accept these new technologies in their neighborhood. This paper presents the findings of two surveys concerning public acceptance of biomass cogeneration plants (BCP's) and biogas plants (BGP's) in Bavaria/Germany. Data was collected at 5,000 households in the neighborhoods of ten BCP sites and one BGP site. Results show a high level of public acceptance, lacking information among residents, almost no Not-in-my-Backyard behavior (NIMBYism) and essential differences between incentives and arguments of proponents and opponents of plants. Findings deliver useful information concerning project development to plant operators.


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