We select 204 panel data samples from fixed observation spots in China's rural areas (Nagqu County, Duilongdeqing County and Xigaze City in Tibet), and conduct systematic analysis of factors influencing farmer and herdsman's operating behavior in crop production, using regression estimation method of the linear model, mixed OLS model and the random effects model. The research shows that “the number of migrant workers", “the amount of household labor forces", “original value of fixed assets for production purpose at the end of year", “whether having agricultural machinery or not" and other household endowment factors, have a positive impact on total planting area of households, and theoretically, the endowment effect of internal factors predicted is valid; the product of “average food price" and "whether selling or not" has conspicuous impact, and the empirical results confirm that in external factors, the substitution effect of price is greater than the income effect.


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