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Scarcity of land resources and transformation of industrial structure is a pair of contradictory elements. We derive the characteristics of land use structure and industrial structure transformation in Xining City using Transformation Coefficient (TC): first, in the period 1999-2000, the land use structure coefficient (θ1) declined by 79.55%, but the overall evolution trend is gentle; second, the transformation coefficient of industrial structure (θ2) tended to decline ceaselessly on the whole, a decrease of 36.09% (overall, the transformation coefficient of industrial structure is slightly greater than the land use structure coefficient); third, the inter-annual variation of the two experienced ups and downs (in the period 1999-2007, the inter-annual variation was great and in the period 2008-2010, the inter-annual variation tended to be gentle). On the basis of autocorrelation and co-integration model, we draw the following conclusions through analysis: first, the land use structure in Xining City plays a role in promoting industrial structure transformation; second, there is a long-term equilibrium relationship between the two. Finally, relevant policy recommendations are put forward for the industrial development in Xining City.


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