The Journal of Agricultural Economics Research was initiated by O.V. Wells in 1949 as "a medium for the publication of technical articles." In more than four decades of articles and reviews can be seen the change and progress in research by USDA social scientists. Our purpose here is to provide an easily accessible archive of that change and progress. Two previous bibliographies were prepared and published in 1979 and 1988. This version of the bibliography contains a complete listing of all articles and reviews published in JAER during the entire life of the Journal, 1949-94. Each entry has been placed in chronological order as it appears in Journal issues. Following each volume and issue number, the entries are listed under articles and reviews. The "Reviews" section includes comments, research reports, and reviews. Each entry carries a unique number. Following the listing of entries is an index of all authors and reviewers, each containing their entry numbers. The "Author" index reflects only the reviewers, not authors of the books reviewed. The introduction provides a brief history of this unique professional journal and, at its end, lists the Journal editors and the dates of their service.


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