Based on the actual survey of 724 rural households in 21 townships of Sichuan Province, this article analyzes the basic information, basic characteristics and problems in current China's farmland transfer. The results show that the rural land contractual management right is relatively stable; in farmland transfer market, the degree of development of farmland transfer-out market is higher than that of farmland transfer-in market; at the same time, there are many problems, such as fragmentation of rural land resources allocation, incomplete land property rights system, too powerful land security function, single land transfer pattern and unsound transfer system. Corresponding countermeasures are put forward as follows: unifying urban and rural planning, and adjusting distribution pattern of rural land in concert with the course of urbanization; improving land property rights system, so that the farmers have the land contractual management right with real right tendency; strengthening the legal construction of land transfer, regulating the land transfer process, and guiding regularized and legalized development of land transfer; promoting farmers' cognitive level, and establishing the intermediary platform to provide land transfer information, ensuring information symmetry between both sides of transfer; providing more non-agricultural jobs, establishing and improving social security system for farmers, and diluting the social security function of land.


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