Potato virus Y (PVY) is a very serious problem throughout most major seed potato producing states. Seed potato producers in Minnesota and North Dakota were surveyed in early 2005 to assess their perception of the profitability and risks associated with using crop borders to manage PVY in seed lots. Five of the 23 producers responding (a 25% response rate) said they had used crop borders in 2004. These 23 producers entered 152 seed lots into state seed certification programs. On average, producers had less than 0.1 seed lots rejected for PVY based on summer inspection. The average number of seed lots rejected in winter trials was 1.7. Of the 152 seed lots, these producers said they had entered into state seed certification programs, they reported detailed information on 108 lots. Generations 1 and 2 were the most likely generations to be protected by a crop border. Of these 108 seed lots, 104 passed summer inspection for PVY. Seventy-four percent of the 89 lots sent in for the winter test were reported to have passed. The use of crop borders was significant in explaining whether a seed lot had passed the winter test or not. Thirty-one (97%) of the 32 seed lots that were planted within a crop border passed the winter test while 31 (54%) of the 57 seed lots that were not planted with a crop border passed the winter test. No relationship was found between the choice of border crop and passing the winter test. Producers also were asked to state their agreement or disagreement with several statements regarding their knowledge and opinions on use of crop borders.


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