We firstly introduce existing situations of development of electrostatic spraying technology both at home and abroad. On the basis of such problems as serious drift, loss and deterioration of environment during orchard spraying in Xinjiang, we design and develop a new electrostatic sprayer which can effectively reduce the pesticide, improve the adhesion rate of pesticide in the target, and reduce pollution on human body and environment. Using electrostatic induction principle, this electrostatic sprayer directly sprays charged droplet onto target in the action of electrostatic force and high speed air flow. Besides. this sprayer has outstanding economic and social benefits. For farmers. it can raise the utilization ratio of pesticide to 60%, reduce the pesticide loss by 50%, and reduce prevention cost for 10% to 20%; for enterprises, this investment project has a trial profit-tax rate up to 21.4% ; the entire sprayer only needs one person to operate; it is highly efficient and low pollution, conforming to national environmental protection and policy concerning agriculture, farmers and countryside. Therefore, this new pneumatic electrostatic sprayer in orchard will have bright popularization and application prospect.


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