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Statistical information of diverse official sources with respect to rain was revised and factors of productivity of the system bovine meat in the state of Sonora, Mexico, for the period from 1999 to 2008. Nine variables were analyzed statistically to obtain the Coefficient of Correlation(CC), using the package SPSS, Version 12. The variables were: 1. rain in mm, 2. number of heads produced, 3. volume of meat production in tons, 4. value of the production in thousands pesos, 5. price of the carcass in pesos by kilogram, 6. weight of the carcass in kilograms, 7. number of calves exported, 8. number of heifer exported and 9. price average in US dollars by pound of it exported; all the variables were expressed considering the rain of each with the productive parameters of the following year during the period. The variable rain and number of heifer exported they were the unique significant with CC=0.664. It is concluded that in the years of the period analyzed, to greater annual rain a greater number of heifer was reflected they exported to the following year.


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