Data from a survey of Western Australian grain growers are used to characterise the use and perceptions of durum wheat. The main objective was to identify opportunities for extension to increase the level of durum wheat adoption throughout the grain growing regions of WA. Perceptions of durum wheat characteristics were elicited along with other variables used to model the economic value of durum wheat in the local cropping system. Logistic regression analysis found that perceptions of the yield potential were most influential, with almost half of respondents believing current durum wheat varieties were unsuitable for Western Australian conditions. Perceptions of durum rust resistance were also significant in the adoption decision. Informational variables were shown to be of influence; however, critically, past use was not a significant predictor of future use. Before broad extension and promotion of the trialing of durum can be successful, efforts in Western Australia will need to focus on research to ensure that early adopters of durum wheat can generate positive messages relating to yield and profitability.


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