The agricultural sector is receiving a great deal of attention for topics of general interest as the security, multifunctional activities, alternative uses of crops in food/feed/fuel, reduction in GHG (Green House Gas) emission, LCA (Life Cycle Assessment). The EU policies are directed to implement sustainable local agro-food systems, and the AFSC (agro-fuel supply chain) represent the central issue in planning agricultural commodities to be used for fuel production performed in a space-time dimension. In this paper it is presented a methodology of regional planning the AFSC supported by empirical evidences in the region FVG (Friuli Venezia Giulia). The reference crop is the Mais largely cultivated in this region and now used to satisfy food-feedstock-fuel demands. A composite d-base information system is used to simulate the AFSC to predict the consequences of food policies and suggest measures for the RDP (Regional Development Plan).With the integration of agronomic and economic disciplines it is possible to develop a strategy of regional planning for a sustainable production of bio-fuel.


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