The global Fair Trade market has experienced substantial growth over the past 13 years, as measured by both share and number of innovations. This has developed into a new worldwide market segment, and has helped improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. This report compiles data from Mintel’s Global New Product Database (, which records food, beverage, health and beauty products launched throughout the world. The company archives extensive information about each product, permitting users to explore emerging marketing strategies. From 1999 through 2011, GNPD recorded 4,465 Fair Trade innovations. These products were sold in over 40 countries. This paper provides a descriptive and comparative statistical analysis of Fair Trade trends throughout the world. Explored topics include certifiers, claims, product categories, and trade blocs. The most common Fair Trade categories are hot beverages, chocolate confectionery, and skin care products. Fairtrade Labeling Organizations International affiliates certified nearly 60% of all Fair Trade products since 1999, making this umbrella organization the largest certifier. The USA and EU dominate Fair Trade product introductions.


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