Over the past few years the S-216 Regional Project has devoted one day of the two-day annual meeting for a symposium. This year's symposium incorporated presentations by scholars from a number of fields: economics, agricultural economics, anthropology and social psychology. The latter two fields were represented by Mahadev L. Apte and David Brinberg who elucidated the perspectivesoftheirrespective disciplines and enhanced ourunderstanding ofhowthose disciplines conceptualize and empirically study food demand and consumption behavior. Prof. Apte's paper is included as the first in this proceedings volume. Because Prof. Brinberg's work on the role of and means for measuring the effect of attitudes on food consumption decisions (the basis for his presentation) has been published elsewhere, no paper is included in this volume. The second paper in this volume reflects the presentation of the economist, Geoffry Paulin, which addressed the changing food at home budget between 1980 and 1992. The third and final paper, by agricultural economists Parke E. Wilde and Christine K. Ranney and presented by Mr. Wilde, explored the utilization of experimental data to analyze the effects of the Food Stamp Program on food expenditures.


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