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Features of farmers' professional cooperatives in China are introduced. The establishment of these organizations is spontaneous. Their operation shows self-government. And their targets are highly pertinent. Then, I analyze the existing problems in farmers' professional cooperatives and vacancy of government functions. These cooperatives are single in content, narrow in service field, not scientific in management mode, and low in efficiency. In addition, government policy support is not put in place for these cooperatives. In view of these situations, firstly, it is proposed to speed up construction of service-oriented government at grass-roots level and promote development of farmers' professional cooperatives. Secondly, it is suggested to set up awareness of service-oriented government and enhance guidance and service for farmers' professional cooperatives. Thirdly, we should increase financial support and guide these organizations to achieve a benign development. Fourthly, we should strengthen propaganda to raise popularity and influence power of these organizations. Fifthly, it is recommended to make clear the guidance and leading functions of regional supply and marketing cooperatives to raise service efficiency. Finally, we should establish scientific evaluation and incentive system to push forward healthy development of farmers' professional cooperatives.


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