According to the data of survey on farmers' land right from Rural Development Institute (the USA) , Renmin University of China and Michigan S ate University, this paper conducts empirical analysis on farmers' willingness to accept compensation ho e land is expropriated and the related influencing factors by adopting Logistic model. The study indicates that the proportion of farmers' non-agricultural income, the level of economic development in the region, participation right and right to vote, exert conspicuous impact on farmers' satisfaction degree whose land is expropriated. In the provinces that are surveyed, most of the expropriated land is used for the public welfare project building, and in the current context of rapid urbanization, the conditions for defining public interests have not yet been put in place; the farmers in developed regions with more non-agricultural job opportunities express higher degree of satisfaction to the compensation for expropriated land; it is required to establish sound land expropriation compensation mechanism and bolster farmers' participation right, so as to offer fair and reasonable compensation for the farmers whose land is expropriated.


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