On the basis of defining the concept of ' immiserizing growth in expanding economies , through analysing the status quo of economy in China's rural areas in the new era, this paper aims to find out the factors responsible for economic weakness of China's rural residents. It analyses the impact of market consuming economy on growth economy, and points out the phenomenon of ' immiserizing growth in expanding economies" which may be triggered by China's rapid rural economic growth as follows: first, the income disparity between urban and rural residents increases ceaselessly, the commodity prices continuously soar, and the rural residents' market consuming capacity is short; second, the wealth concentrates highly and the majority of farmers' income is low. Thus we put forward the countermeasures and proposals for preventing ' immiserizing growth in expanding economies in rural areas as follows: we should reform household registration system so that the rural residents have the right to migrate freely, and farmers' status is promoted; we should coordinate urban-rural development, strengthen agriculture and rural infrastructure building and achieve impartial allocation of public resources; we should carry out redistribution on income scientifically and effectively, consolidate rural social security system, bridge urban-rural income gap, transform the comparative advantage into competitive advantage, so as to circumvent ' immiserizing growth in expanding economies"


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