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This paper analysis the level of agricultural modernization in the Northeast region of Pará State in 2006, as well as changes occurred in relation to the previous decade. To describe the technological standard and the relative ranking of municipalities, we used the factor analyzes statistical method to construct a ratio of agricultural modernization. The results showed the existence of a large discrepancy in technological level between the municipalities analyzed,. Of the 49 municipalities examined, only ten have reached the level of modernization above 50% (the highest level is 1). They are: Capitão Poço, Curuçá, Igarapé-Açu, Moju, Peixe-Boi, Santarém Novo, São João da Ponta, São Miguel do Guamá, Tailândia, and Tomé-Açu. On the other hand, 17 municipalities expressed technological level of 3, the lowest one. They are: São Domingos do Capim, Cametá, Oeiras do Pará, Colares and Limoeiro do Ajuru with the worst rankings. These studies are fundamental to orient public policies focusing on sustainable rural development in the Amazon, especially in the Northeast of Pará.


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