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We conduct survey on the characteristics of demand of agricultural enterprises for agricultural marketing talents from the following 6 aspects: the professional marketing talents needed urgently by the agricultural enterprises, the amount of demand of agricultural enterprises for the marketing talents, the jobs offered by the agricultural enterprises, the educational background of agricultural marketing talents favored by the agricultural enterprises. the requirements Dosed by the agricultural enterprises on the work experience of agricultural marketing talents. and the quality requirements posed by the agricultural enterprises on the agricultural marketing talents. We analyse the problems existing in the cultivation mode of marketing talents in agricultural vocational colleges as follows, the feature of major is not outstanding; the contradiction between supply and demand is prominent; it is disconnected with the practical needs of agricultural enterprises; the cultivation form of practical ability is simple. On the basis of this, taking Wenzhou Vocational College of Science and Technology as an example, we advance the new mode of cultivating inter-disciplinary talents integrating marketing technique + technique marketing , and establish characteristic agricultural course combo system on the basis of vocational position orientation. In the meantime, we propose that we should conduct close college-enterprise cooperation with the local leading agricultural enterprises. This cultivation mode reform of talents is favorable for the agricultural enterprises, especially small and medium-sired agricultural enterprises to foster ' marketable agricultural marketing talents, elevate the comprehensive competitiveness of small and medium-sired agricultural enterprises, serve the local economy, and promote the development of modern agriculture, and China's agriculture, farmer, and countryside.


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