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000120782 245__ $$aThe Importance of Trade Adjustment Support to the Caribbean Rum Industry
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000120782 490__ $$aEstey Centre Journal of International Law and Trade Policy
000120782 490__ $$aVolume 13, Number 1, Winter 2012
000120782 520__ $$aThis article outlines the importance of trade adjustment support to the Caribbean rum industry and how this support aided in the restructuring of the industry. The main objective of this article is to analyse and learn from the successful experience of the Integrated Development Programme for the Caribbean Rum Sector. The article is meant to inform private sector players who are facing restructuring challenges in the face of trade liberalisation, donors who want to provide adjustment support, and policy makers, who often represent the interface between these two groups of stakeholders. The article uses primary and secondary sources in order to analyse the relationship between trade adjustment support and the restructuring process.
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