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Currently almost all energy is provided by fossil fuels that increase greenhouse gas emissions contributing to global warming. These emissions can be reduced with the use of renewable energy produced from biomass such a livestock manure. The manure is raw material for production of electricity and thermal energy. Anaerobic digestion of waste can reduce emissions by capturing methane, a greenhouse gas produced by waste in facilities large and small scale. The South Central region of the state of Chihuahua has the potential for renewable energy production from biomass and waste are approximately 58,000 head of cattle, valuing a daily output of 2,900 m3 of sewage and 10,000 m3 of waste water can cause environmental problems. The estimated biogas production was 1.73 m3 of biogas / cow / day, with an estimated total production of biogas in the region of 25,717,352 and 50,722,754 m3/year kwh/año save up to $ 45.143 million pesos in electricity. Reductions are estimated to 361.843 tons of CO2-Eq. Proposed technologies to small and large scales. The development of renewable energy technologies opens the opportunity for additional revenue-generating waste in the production of electricity or thermal energy, reducing environmental problems may make feasible the adoption of technology to small and large scale for producers.


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