The objective of the present study was to make a diagnostic and characterization of the production and marketing of bovine milk in double purpose production systems, also known as tropical dairy, in the premises of Dobladero in José Azueta Veracruz, Mexico. Thirty Milk producers from the Local Livestock Association (Asociación Ganadera Local) were interviewed from May to July 2010. The results show that the production units are common parcels, with traditional pasturage on rain-fed conditions in a dry tropical weather, and supplementary feeding during dry seasons. A mixture of Zebu and Swiss cattle breeds predominate along with other europeans; the cow milking takes place daily in the morning and manually by the same producer and with the help of their families in most of the cases. Two forms were detected to market fluid milk: 1) Selling it to local cheese producers and 2) Selling it to Nestlé gatherer. It is concluded that tropical dairy in these premises fulfills different functions: a) sources of self-employment and incomes, b) provision of raw materials to the dairy agro-industry, c) generation of extra incomes from selling calves at weaning, d) use of by-products of agriculture and agribusiness in the region and e) development of roots and pride of being a farmer in the zone.


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