On the basis of defining rural professional economic association, the advantages of it in terms of non-profitability, low operation cost and good communication skills are pointed out Functions of rural professional economic association are expounded. It can display the advantages of information; intensify the connections among governments, agriculture and rural areas; display the advantages of organization and strengthen the gaming capability of rural households: play the advantages of association and promote the improvement of quality of agricultural products; play the advantage of association and help government to transfer to limited government; play association and information advantages and intensify international competitiveness. It is pointed out that me defects caused by imperfect non-profit association restrict the function of rural professional economic association. In order to well display the functions of rural professional economic association, the countermeasures are put forward ,establishing perfect laws and regulations to let rural economic association have the features of non-profit associati0n;the government establishes new relations with rural economic association to support their development from multiple channels; fully displaying the service functions of rural economic association and finishing self-development; perfecting incentive and restraint mechanisms for rural economic association; intensifying supervision management of rural economic association.


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