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On the basis of clarifying and defining rural land transfer, the necessity of rural land transfer is analyzed. Land transfer is the necessity in terms of promoting agricultural scale operation and improving production efficiency; proving opportunities for narrowing urban and rural gap; realizing rural surplus labor transfer and facilitating urbanization. Major problems in the existing rural land transfer are analyzed: unclear laws and regulations and rural land transfer lacks relevant legal protection: rural social security system is imperfect and can not solve farmers' worries after land transfer; farmers and local governments are restricted by traditional ideas and it is hard to carry our the land transfer policies; rural system construction is relatively backward and the rural land transfer market is immature. Countermeasures on the governmental behaviors in rural land transfer are put forward: stipulating relevant administrative laws and regulations and perfecting the political system of rural land transfer; perfecting rural social security system and solving farmers' worries after land transfer; changing the ideas and working style of local officials and leading farmers to form the scientific land transfer outlook; and vigorously promoting the construction of system and positively cultivating rural land transfer market.


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