Constructing the modern agriculture with Chinese characteristics is the path and direction for solving issues concerning agriculture, countryside and farmers in China, the key to new village construction, the important measure for promoting overall agriculture production capacity, and the prerequisite and guarantee for coordinating urban-rural development. At present, the level of agriculture mechanization in China is promoted steadily; the science and technology are applied to agriculture extensively; the agriculture regionalization layout gradually takes shape; the agriculture industrialization management develops steadily. Be that as it may, the overall quality of farmers is low; the agriculture infrastructure is weak; the agriculture resources are limited; the inputs of agriculture science and technology are short. These hamper the development of modern agriculture. We should implement ' industry nurturing agriculture through capital support and policy guidance, reform household registration system; connect the fragmented land into parcel; encourage the leading enterprises to develop in rural areas; establish agriculture cooperative organizations; deepen rural financial system reform; quicken the promotion and application of agriculture technology . These measures can effectively promote the development of agriculture, and realize the agriculture modernization in China.


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