Master Thesis analyzes the enterprise social responsibility (ESR) Ingenio San Antonio (SA) level at the municipality Chichigalpa, Nicaragua, during the 2009-2010 periods and Sustainable Local Development contribution. For the ESR measure Ethos Indexes questioners were used and the sustainable local development approach. The results shows that ISA acquire positive impact for municipality Chichigalpa sustainable local development where the 5.1 average was more than 4.98 Benchmark for similarly enterprises, it is mean a 0.12 difference. Enterprise Ethic (5.42), community commitment (5.17), and responsibility marketing (5.0) were the greatest variables. On the complementary analysis the approach sustainable development model was used with the CENAGRO data base where the necessary to enhance the indexes Ethos building was showed into sustainable development model function, so that the integral measure will be given. However, this issue is being debating by main Central American enterprises where the universities will have a highest roll.


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