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An economic analysis of kinnow has been presented through studying their costs and returns. The average first year establishment costs per acre for kinnow has been worked out to be ` 5298, while its total establishment costs has been found as ` 12707. The overall per acre per year returns from kinnow orchards have been worked out to be ` 6632. The overall economic viability of the kinnow fruit, mainly net present value, internal rate of return, benefit-cost ratio and payback period have been computed as ` 7929, 15.42 per cent, 1.52 and 7.6 years, respectively. The average per quintal marketing cost at producers’ level has been found to vary to the extent of ` 450, ` 375, ` 303 and ` 223 for channels I, II, III and IV, respectively. The average per quintal marketing cost borne by the wholesaler in channel II was ` 61, while as it was ` 30, ` 32 and ` 19 in channels I, II and III, respectively at the retailer’s level and in channel-IV, whole of the marketing cost was borne by the producer as there was direct marketing of produce. A comparison of price spread through different marketing channels has revealed that producers’ share in consumers’ rupee was the highest (about 81%) in channel-IV, due to self sale in the local market. The marketing efficiency has been found to be highest in channel-IV. The producer got maximum benefits in channel-IV, therefore this channel should be followed to make producer highest beneficiary; although this channel has its own limitations.


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