The Evolution of California Agriculture 1850-2000, by Alan L. Olmstead and Paul W. Rhode; Cross Sections of a Diverse Agriculture: Profiles of California's Agricultural Production Regions and Principle Commodities, by Warren E. Johnston; The Measure of California Agriculture and Its Importance in the State's Economy, by Daniel Sumner, Jose E. Bervejillo and Nicolai V. Kuminoff; Marketing California's Agricultural Production, by Hoy F. Carman, Roberta Cook and Richard J. Sexton; International Trade and the Road Ahead for California Agriculture, by Tiffany Arthur, Colin Carter, and Alix Peterson Zwane; Commodity Policy and California Agriculture, by Daniel A. Sumner and Henrich Brunke; Water Infrastructure and Water Allocation in California, by Richard Howitt and Dave Sunding; Hired Workers on California Farms, by Philip Martin and Bert Mason; Environmental Issues in California Agriculture, by Sean B. Cash and David Zilberman; Organic Agricultural Production in California, by Karen Klonsky; Science and Technology, by Julian M. Alston and David Zilberman; California's Edge Problem: Urban Impacts on Agriculture, by Alvin D. Sokolow


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