Taking Inner Mongolia as the research object, from natural conditions, socio-economic conditions, land use conditions and so on, we select 8 indices that impact the land consolidation project, namely climate, topography, soil type, water resources conditions, farmland amount per capita, the degree of agricultural mechanization, the status of irrigation guarantee and land consolidation potential, so as to establish rational index system of project zoning. By using cluster analysis method, we divide Inner Mongolia into 5 different types of project zone, namely multiple-purpose project zone of the western Greater Khingan Mountains, irrigation project zone of Nenjiang and the western Liao River plain, the central dry farming complementary irrigation project zone, Hetao Plain and Huanghe River irrigation project zone, and the western oasis irrigation project zone. This paper analyzes the natural conditions of all regions and constraint factors of agricultural production, and establishes the corresponding project design model, in order to provide reference for the land consolidation project design in Inner Mongolia and even other similar regions.


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