The National Economy for agricultural participation is high where the productive factor is necessary as key task for improving the productivity with the aim to increase the production and exportation food quantity. For this researching 48 agricultural bean farmers was been choosing in Masaya and Carazo with they a participative workshop was organized and with this input a survey was applied, then 4 Department Masaya farmers and 4 Department Carazo farmers were selected with the purpose of study them during the post agricultural period. 4 variables were defined, these are: absolute fertility, relative fertility, cost production, labour worker cost and bean capital. This analysis deduce that the large part of capacity and technical assistance gave to the small farmers was target to technical feature where the economic, social and organization topics don´t were considered. The results show that these small farmers had extensive productions to economic scale, consequently the unit production size, labour workers cost and capital weren´t enough factors for improve the productive (i.e. effective). Then the preponderance factor for small farmer development is the knowledge intensification.


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